It has been highlighted recently by an advert on TV in which a stranded canoeist was able to give a precise location to the Emergency Services.

what3words is not a substitute for map reading skills, including using grid references, to plan your route successfully, but would be useful in an emergency.

The makers of what3words divided the world into 3 metre squares. They then gave each square a unique combination of three words. what3words can pinpoint locations, such as building entrances and send help exactly where it is needed in open spaces such as parks.

We have devised this quiz to help you practice using this method. You will need to either download the app or use the what3words website to complete the questions.

The prize draw will take place at 2000hrs on 07th January 2021 so make sure your entry is received before this for your chance to win.

Any problems with completing this quiz, please contact your Section Leader who can contact Ian Woods (ACC Scouts) for assistance.